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Porch Shades for Lake of the Ozarks Homes

Does the early morning or late afternoon sun make your porch, patio or family room impossible to enjoy? Consider a porch shade so you can enjoy your porch, patio or family room all day long - even during the intense sun times of early morning or late afternoon. Porch shades provide shade protection that filters harmful sun-rays while preserving the breeze and your view. Choose from a variety of styles and materials for interior or exterior use.

Advantages of Porch Shades

Porch shades have several benefits as compared to conventional drapes, blinds and other window coverings. These shades are made of special materials that block sunlight, ultraviolet rays and dust. Porch shades stop the bright glare of the sun from forcing you indoors. What's more, surfaces that are shaded from the hot sun in the daytime collect less heat, so they remain cooler throughout the day. A proper fitting shade will also minimize the transfer of heat into your space while still allowing you to enjoy your view and the summer breeze. So, savor your special place in the sun! Available in a wide variety of designs to complement the architecture of your home.

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Porch Shades in Lake of the Ozarks, Osage Beach MO Area

The professionals at Windows & More are committed to bringing you the latest styles, current trends, and innovative technologies in porch shades. We offer only the highest quality porch shades, window treatments, windows, screens, specialty shades, and more. With a showroom in Osage Beach, we proudly serve all of Camden, Miller & Morgan counties and the greater Lake of the Ozarks area.

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